Bowen Island Cycling Hiking

The Flatland Trail Adventure; on Bowen Island

Did you know Bowen Island offers a hiking trail that’s as flat as a pancake? Can you guess where it is? (Hint: it’s Killarney Lake)

Map leading from Snug Cove to Killarney Lake by the flattest possible route.

Just follow the pink trail once you’re off the ferry. Turn Right at the bike shop, Left onto the first trail, Right at the waterfall along the roadway, left into a parking lot to go to the beaver damn

30min by foot, 15min by car or bike, and you can get to Killarney Lake.

Killarney Lake is one of the flatter hikes on the island, and a great place to start! Walk off the ferry and within a few short minutes you can be on a trail in the trees. A great thing to do, especially with kids.

The Directions

After you dock, walk straight & take your first right at Cardena Drive (the library is on the corner). Go just past the Visitors Center and enter the Crippen Regional Park trail behind it, on your left.
Follow the trail past the Bowen Island Memorial Gardens and you’ll start to hear the rush of a waterfall on your right.

Walk down to Bridal Veil Falls. You’ll see more flow in December to April months, and less in the summer months.

When you reach the next road (Miller), you’ve got two options

If walking to Killarney Lake

You can either cross over and loop through the meadow, past the dog park, or turn right and walk along Miller about a block to enter the trailhead at the parking lot across from Melmore Rd. From here, just follow the path (and signs) to the lake!

If biking to Killarney Lake

Go right at the roadway just after the falls. Take the left into a gravel parking lot.

The East side of Killarney Lake is for hikers only, so once you’re into Crippen park, make sure to keep left around the lake. There’s a few cliffs and bridges that aren’t bike friendly. These have all been marked red on the map above.

If you’re on a road bike (or just avoiding the gravel), you’ll want to go straight up Grafton Road, and turn right at the elementary school. The first hill is challenging, but it’s mostly downhill after that towards the lake.

What to Expect

During the 9km round-trip you’ll pass the waterfall, a beaver dam and maybe even spot a few deer. The lake itself is about 30 minutes from the ferry on foot, and the loop around it takes an hour. So you can expect at least 2 hours of peace among the trees.

While the serene waters of Killarney can look inviting, swimming isn’t recommended for humans or furry friends as the lake is home to leeches.

If you want or need a physical map to Killarney Lake on Bowen Island, then make sure to pop by Bowen eBikes and grab one. We’re also super useful in giving out directions. If we can’t help you then Bowen Island visitors centre is the place to go for more information.

Where else can you go?

Looking to go a little further in the same amount of time? On an eBike you can be at the lake within 15 minutes, giving you more time to hang out or the option to go further. Pack a lunch to enjoy in the picnic area at the south end of Killarney Lake or zip along the west-side before venturing up Mt. Gardener Road towards Galbraith Bay.

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