Helmets are required by BC Law and help keep our riders safe. Please bring your own helmet. We have an extremely limited selection of new helmets available for sale in case you forget your helmet, but please do not rely on our supply or sizing. We cannot rent you an eBike without a helmet. Unfortunately, if you show up without a helmet, and we do not have a well-fitting helmet available for purchase, we will still need to charge you for your rental. If you can produce a helmet during your rental period, you can take the eBike for the remainder of your rental period.


Prior to checking out, we place a hold of $200 on your credit card as a damage deposit to cover minor to major repairs. Any damaged or lost gear will be charged to the renter at the full, retail price. 

What’s included

  • eBike
  • eBike Lock
  • Fully charged battery
  • Charging cable

What if there is a problem with the eBike on the road?

Depending on the situation, we will either provide you with a swapped eBike, repair the eBike on the road, or provide you with transportation to where you need to go on island without charge.

All bikes are rented with a fully charged battery and a charging cable. If you run out of juice, we have a $15 fee for driving out and swapping the battery, subject to availability, or you must find a place to charge your eBike. If you wish to switch out your battery mid ride, you must come to our offices to collect it. Please call ahead, 778-956-7946, to see if we have a charged battery available to swap.