Rental Refunds & Cancellations Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours before your ride is set to begin and receive a full refund. Send an email to or call 778-956-7946 and leave a voicemail with your name, phone number and scheduled reservation time.

Often times we do not issue refunds, because preparation has been made to have bikes ready for you on the day. Additionally, we may have also turned away other riders.


Day of Cancellations: We do not refund for cancellations made within 24h of the rental.

Short Riders: Our minimum height is 5’0″ or you must be an exceptional cyclist. If you can not ride our bikes due to height or skill, please do not book. If you have booked and show up, we do not issue refunds.

Heavy Riders: Our maximum weight limit is 242 lbs. We are getting new equipment September 2023 to accommodate larger riders, but for now we can not accommodate you. Our wheels will break & batteries can set on fire. Please cancel at minimum 24h beforehand. If you have prevented the pre-booking of another rider, we can not process refunds.

Overbooked Time: We do not refund for time that you booked, but did not use. Example: If you booked for an all day rental (8hours), but show up, only for the last 5 hours of the day, we do not refund you 5 hours. Instead, please book for 2 hours, and remain out as long as you like.

Returning Early: Please book for the shortest possible time you think you will use the eBikes (2-3 hours), and we can always charge the difference when you return.

Intoxicated Riders: Do not show up after having had one or more alcoholic beverages. You will be turned away if you smell of booze or make jokes about drinking; then saying you were just kidding. We can not process refunds for riders showing up under the influence.

Underage Riders: Do not make bookings for eBikes for those under 16. We can not legally rent to these people in British Columbia. If you have made a booking and show up with a rider appearing under 18, we will ask for proof of age & deny service to those under 16.


Snow, Smoke, Heavy Rain: We do not rent in snowy or icy conditions. We do not advise renting in terrible air quality conditions. You will not need to worry about our 24h cancellation policy should there be Snow, Ice or Terrible Air Quality. We do not cancel for mist. We will cancel the eBikes in heavy rain automatically. Not you, or the bikes, enjoy being soaked.


Showing up late: We can accommodate up to a 2 hour delay in your arrival time. Once paid for these are your eBikes, and we will happily hold onto them until you show up. Your time starts from the earlier of 2h after your initial booking or from when you take the eBikes off the property.

Issues on the Road

Should you have any issues with the operation of your eBike, please call us immediately. We will drive out to meet you on the island with a new eBike, if one is available. If we cannot get your eBike working, or get you a replacement, we will happily provide a refund for your remaining rental time. If the bike has been damaged due to user error, we can not process refunds & a minimum damage charge applies. We can not process refunds if you do not call us asking for assistance. We can not process refunds if you deny assistance.

Wait times for bikes to be delivered are normal & can take up to an hour depending on the availability of our drivers. We do not charge for this wait time, and add on equivalent time to your rental to make up for this. If you just want a pickup after a bike broke down, we do not charge for these & can take up to 5 people & ebikes at one time.

Running out of power

If we forgot to give you chargers we will either deliver new batteries or chargers or pick you up for free. If you opted out of taking chargers, and ran out of battery power, we can deliver new batteries or chargers for a fee. Chargers are not given out for 2 hour rentals, unless asked for specifically as batteries should last 2.5-3.5 hours & take up to 2 hours to charge.