Bowen eBikes

You are 20 minutes by ferry, and one adventure away from a great time.

But, where to spend the day, and make the most of your precious visit?

We are your local guides to a great day on Bowen Island. An adventure is as easy as riding an eBike or an LSV.

How Can I Rent From You?

Same Day – Walk In Only. We operate on a first come first serve basis.

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In Person: Walk off the ferry, turn left, and say hi! We are a 20 meter walk to the left when departing the ferry. For sunny summer weekends, we recommend booking in advance.

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Where Can I Cycle To

  • Artisan Square
  • Beaches
  • Hiking Trails
  • Artists and farmsteads around the island
  • Remote view points
  • Pack a picnic and head off to a remote beach (our favourite).
  • …the list goes on!

I hear I can get a discount?

Yes, are you staying at one of our partner locations? Ask your host if their hotel, BnB, yoga studio, or other accommodation has partnered with us.

Did you bring your own helmet? Save even more!

What’s Included

Each rental includes a:

  • Lock
  • Fully Charged Battery
  • Charging Cable
  • Pannier or Bag (1 per every 2 bikes)
  • Helmet (Discount if you bring your own)

The LSV aka High Powered Golf Cart

The Low Speed Vehicle is now available for rent.

This is for those who can’t ride an eBike, but have a drivers licence. We take up to 4 riders around the island.

The eBikes

The eBikes are Class One, pedal-assist, and capable of speeds up to 32km/hr. They do need you to spin the pedals for the electric motor to kick in. The eBikes have 500watt motors.


  • BC law prohibits those under 16 from riding electric bikes. Please write into your MLA to change this.
  • Above 200lbs we see a decrease in battery duration and motor assist. The absolute max weight is 242 lbs. Please see our cancellation policy for Clydesdale Class Riders.

Anything I shouldn’t do?

  • Don’t get on the ferry with your eBike. Our business is based on Bowen Island and we’d like to keep all of our eBikes on island.
  • Don’t try to pop a wheelie on your eBike – these are not trick bikes. Using the eBikes for tricks, wheelies, jumps will result in a $50 damage deposit being claimed.
  • Don’t ride the eBikes in the pump track park.
  • Don’t skid, or lock up the rear wheel to brake. You’re wearing down the tires for the next person!
  • DON’T ATTEMPT any maintenance. We have hydraulic brakes on most of our eBikes. Do not attempt to remove the hoses for these hydraulic brakes.
  • Don’t ride on a flat tire. Call us and we will get you a new bike or pick up the broken one, or change the tire for you.
  • Don’t ‘pick’ at the batteries or labels on the bikes.

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