It isn’t possible to run a business without great partners here on Bowen Island. If you would like to partner with us, please reach out to Brendan at to see how we can work together.


Get 10% off your eBike rental price during your stay at any of the following locations. Drop-offs are available with pre-bookings of 24h or longer.

Artisan Suites – Uptown Bowen.

Alderwood Farms – Mid Island

Union SteamShip Marina – Either in a boat, or in their cottages

Adeles Bed and Breakfast – Airbnb

Charging Locations

Bowen Golf Course – South East

Orbaek – Mid Island


Bowen Island Roasting Company – Buy your coffee bags here!

Things To Do

Bowen Island Sea Kayaking – Rent Kayaks and Paddle-boards