Adventure Bowen Island Hiking

Rainstorms brew great indoor activities on Bowen Island

Discover Bowen Island’s unique charm even on rainy days. From waterfalls spontaneously appearing (I’ll tell you where) to cozy pubs, explore a list of indoor activities and unique spots both inside and out. This article tells you about the following: Take an Art Tour Bowen Island is the lucky home to many artists, aspiring artists, […]

Bowen Island Cycling Hiking

The Flatland Trail Adventure; on Bowen Island

Did you know Bowen Island offers a hiking trail that’s as flat as a pancake? Can you guess where it is? (Hint: it’s Killarney Lake) Just follow the pink trail once you’re off the ferry. Turn Right at the bike shop, Left onto the first trail, Right at the waterfall along the roadway, left into […]

Bowen Island

Bowen Island Things To Do

There are many things to do on Bowen Island. Here’s a small list of some of our favourites. Arts and Culture Outdoor Activities (Businesses) Outdoor Activities (free) Pubs Cider Tours Must have vehicle, or bikes, or golf cart to get between establishments Fitness If you’re looking to stay fit here, there are plenty of options […]