Bowen Island

Getting Around Bowen Island

You’ve made it here now what? There are no taxi’s or uber/lifts on island, so you’ll need to decide how to get around Bowen Island.

Walk on Passengers

If you’ve shown up without a way to get around there are a few options on island:

Low Speed Vehicle / Golf Cart

A low speed vehicle is displayed for rent on a road while a crow looks inquisitively.

Perhaps the most exciting way to get around is by renting a LSV from Bowen eBikes. LSV’s are different from Golf Carts, in that they have mirrors, signal lights, licence plates, and seatbelts. LSV’s are road legal, and are great for groups of 4 looking to enjoy the day.

While Bowen eBikes is getting their booking system to be automated for any time of day rental, you need to go talk to them or book online for now. Rates vary between $160 and $220 for the day, and they require a damage deposit.

Electric Bikes

Bowen eBikes is currently the only operation to offer eBikes for rent. You can book in advance online using their website, or walk up day of for rentals. Even if you aren’t looking to use a bike, they have great information on where to go and what to do for most of the year.

Regular Bikes

Bowen eBikes does not currently offer regular pedal bikes. If you do bring a bike, make sure to pack a spare tube. If you get into trouble you can always call Bowen eBikes for an assist. While they do charge you for a pickup, or parts on the road, they will do their best to help and get you back on the ferry.

Hitch Hiking (free)

We’re fortunate to live on a safe island where most people just want to help.

Bowen LIFT helps riders and drivers connect across the island; use their app, or wait by one of their green thumbs up signs.

Shuttle Bus

The 282 only operates on weekends.

We have 3 bus routes; the 280, 281, 282. The 82 has limited service though and only operates on weekends.

If you’re trying to get to Cape Roger Curtis, or the Golf Course, you’ll need to hitch hike, use a bike or LSV, or walk. There are no taxi’s on island.

Unique Rules of the Road

Unique to Bowen Island is the 40km/hr speed limit. This allows for some unique ways to get around the island including Low Speed Vehicles.

There are many blind corners, steep hills, and wild deer at sunset or night so drive with extra caution at these times.

Driving On Bowen Island

Warning for all drivers; if you come here, make sure to have a full tank of gas, especially in the summer times. The Bowen Island Gas Station can restrict fuelling of vehicles to $50 max/day OR may cut off non-residents entirely if there is a fuel shortage. This happens at least a few weekends a summer.

Why might the gas station run out of fuel? With limited storage on Bowen Island, and a dangerous goods ferry sailing but once a week on Wednesday, there can be more demand for fuel than we can store over a single weekend with more drivers than possible.

Fuelling up your boats

There are no boat gas fuelling stations on Bowen Island. Make sure you have enough to go back. If you need a Jerry’s can worth of fuel talk to get back to Horseshoe bay, talk to us about getting to the gas station and back as there are no taxis on Bowen Island. We’ll see what we can do, but no promises.