Adventure Bowen Island Hiking

Rainstorms brew great indoor activities on Bowen Island

Discover Bowen Island’s unique charm even on rainy days. From waterfalls spontaneously appearing (I’ll tell you where) to cozy pubs, explore a list of indoor activities and unique spots both inside and out.

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Take an Art Tour

Bowen Island is the lucky home to many artists, aspiring artists, and art galleries. A great way to spend a wet day is by exploring the creative hubs of Bowen. After walking off the ferry you’ll reach The Hearth Gallery first, then just up the road you’ll find Catching Stars and then off to Artisan Square where you can linger in Arts Pacific Gallery to enjoy some local creativity!

Bonus Activity: Want to participate in the arts? The Burrow on Bowen Island makes a great indoor activity, hosts classes, art related talks, and more. Needs to be booked in advance. See their calendar at the link for more info.

Remote Restaurants

Leaving Snug Cove, you have one choice. The Shed at the golf course; a Mexican inspired restaurant; to which I can’t recommend the Magic Mushroom Tacos enough. If you tough out the course in the rain, ordering in advance from hole 9 make all the difference in the world to warm up before leaving back to Snug Cove.

Outdoor Walks

The Sea Walk (aka the Whale Trail)

For an invigorating afternoon walk in the rain, we’d suggest the Whale Trail. In Cape Roger Curtis (the south western side of the island), you’ll follow the trail through the trees (which offer some drip protection), and the chance to spot a whale. Legend has it that they’re more likely to surface on a rainy day. At the end of the hike is the lighthouse; and with a bench covered by a tree shelter, makes for a great hangout space (for a little while at least).

The reason the Whale Trail goes by two names is the ‘BC Whale Trail’ is formed by many smaller hikes along the Pacific Facing BC front across many island and the main land. Our Sea Walk is one of those smaller hikes.

Cider Tours

You don’t need sunshine outside to light up your insides! Both Riley’s Cidery and Bowen Cider House offer cider tastings even when the skies are grey.

Bowen Cider House

Experience the passion and dedication of their family-run Cidery. Great tasting room.

Bonus Activity if your timing is lucky: Part of the experience here is Meadowbrook Market. A butchery the 7.5 acres; truly allows for farm to table experiences. Butchery classes are available from time to time, but need to be booked in advance. Living on Bowen Island for a month? Order a pig in advance.

Rileys Cidery

Open now Thursday to Monday (may have changed recently) requires booking in advance, especially for those busy weekend days due to limited capacity.

With over 1000 different types of apples in their orchard, it makes a great spot to stop in and overlook the orchard even on a rainy day under an umbrella. You can drop-in anytime, during opening hours to purchase off sales.

Pubs and Fires

Doc Morgans

If you time it right, and head to Doc Morgan’s for a meal, you might get the best wet-weather seat in the house. Lunch or dinner at the table beside the fire is just the thing to warm you up on a drizzly day.

The Pub

If you’ve happened to visit on a Friday or Saturday consider checking out the Bowen Island Pub! It gets lively on the weekends and brings in a great crowd. They have live music, different events and some tasty grub! Check out their events page to see what’s happening during your stay!

Spontaneous Waterfalls

These waterfalls only appear; or get much stronger during a rain storm; we won’t talk about the ‘known’ waterfalls like Bridal Veil Falls.

September Morn Beach Waterfall. Interestingly enough; this beach can wash away if the rain is strong enough; but come during the rainy season (Nov-Feb), and you will see, about 200m past September Morn Beach, a giant waterfall onto another beach. The sound is something else.

Waterfall Trail out at Cape Roger Curtis. This beach you definitely need a sturdy pair of foot-ware to hike and scramble on down to it. Coming on down here during a rainstorm, can be dangerous, but for those who brave the cliffs, are treated to a waterfall, that you’ll likely be the only person at; falling onto a pebbly beach. Tag us @bowenebikes if you decide to go!

Bonus Activities (not necessarily inside)

Indoor Activities:

  • Copper Spirits Distillery, go for a gin tasting
  • Storm Watching from your vehicle at Tunstall Bay, Cape Roger Curtis, or Bowen Bay
  • Spicy Hot Chocolate, from Coco West at Artisan Square

Outdoor Activities:

  • Hiking up Dorman Point (mostly covered)
  • And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could always rent an e-bike.