Bowen Island

Bowen Island Things To Do

There are many things to do on Bowen Island. Here’s a small list of some of our favourites.

Arts and Culture

  • Arts Pacific Gallery
  • Bowen Island Museum & Archives
  • Catching Stars Gallery
  • Hearth Gallery
  • The Burrow Art Classes

Outdoor Activities (Businesses)

  • Bowen eBikes (Bike and Golf Cart rentals)
  • Bowen Island Sea Kayaking
  • Zoom Zoom Scooter Rentals
  • Golf Course (Talk to us for shuttle here)

Outdoor Activities (free)

  • Beaches, check out Bowmaps for full list, or Bowen eBikes physical map
  • Mt. Gardner Hike (5 hour round trip)
  • Dorman Point (45min round trip)
  • Killarney Lake from Snug Cove (2hr rount trip)
  • Swimming at beaches
  • Xenia (Opa) must get permission first


  • Doc Morgans
  • The Pub
  • Copper Spirits Distillery

Cider Tours

Must have vehicle, or bikes, or golf cart to get between establishments

  • Meadow brook market
  • Rileys Cidery


If you’re looking to stay fit here, there are plenty of options beyond outdoor hikes. Explore our gyms for a more structured workout or hire a personal trainer.

  • The Gym on Bowen
  • Nectar Yoga
  • Positively Fit
  • Sweat the Technique

Relaxation and Wellness

  • Bowen Island Health: RMT/Physio/Kinesiology & more
  • Happy Isle Cannabis Company
  • Experience Shiatsu

Free Activities

General Information

See how to get here with a vehicle.

See suggestions on the ultimate day on Bowen.

Tourism Bowen Island has lots of great information too.