Bowen Island

10 Bowen Island Instagram Shots Without Breaking a Sweat

Snap some sweet Bowen Photos without breaking a sweat.

  1. On the ferry ride over
  2. First Bridge in front of the Lagoon
  3. Ask Bowen eBikes (us) to pose with one of their bikes
  4. Catch the bus or drive to Rileys Cidery
  5. Find the animals at Meadow Brook market
  6. Drive or bike out to the Cape Roger Curtis Light House
  7. Visit any one of our remarkable beaches
  8. Hike or drive to Dorman Point
  9. Check out the Beaver Damn
  10. The Waterfalls at Bridal Veil Falls

The Ferry Ride Over

From the Top Deck, there’s no better way to announce your story that you’ve arrived to Bowen Island than by on the Queen of Capaliano. The views get better the closer in you get, but make sure you’re on the main deck to unload before you actually dock.

First Bridge In Front of Lagoon

The Lagoon Causeway features a diamond shaped bridge. Occasioned by ducks and salmon swimming up stream when in season, is a great first stop. From here, walk the trail west, along the southern bank of the Lagoon to work your way to Bridal Veil Falls.

Ask Bowen eBikes to pose with one of their Bikes

A great sweat free way to ‘pretend’ you’ve ridden across the island, but just pose with one of the bikes instead. If you do, make sure to tag us @bowenebikes.

Catch Bus to Rileys Cidery

The lush apple Cidery has a large view, and large acerage with plenty of apple trees. It’s captivating in its mere presence, let alone with a few filters. Plus, a little cider stop on your instagram tour is always worth it.

Find the Animals at Meadow Brook Market

There are pigs, quail, dogs, ducks, and a great lunch stop at Meadow Brook market. They also have amazing cider, and a tasting room. Well worth the visit.

Drive or Bike out to Cape Roger Curtis Lighthouse

Perhaps the most overdone, but still fun trip to make, is out to Cape Roger Curtis. If it’s low tide, you can climb on the rocks all the way out to the point and back from some edge of the world, never seen again photos. There are no busses that head out here yet, so it’s hitch hiking, or biking, or driving for this one.

Visit any of our remarkable beaches

While they’re all great, and you can find a list on Bowen Map, some of our favourites are Tunstall Bay, Roger Curtis Beach, and Seymour Beach. If you do head out to Seymour Bay Beach, make sure to stop by the golf course. The view from Hole 9 looking back at the club-house is amazing.

Hike or Drive to Dorman Point

This short hike 45min, is up a steep uphill; but you can drive or bike it to avoid the sweat. Unfortunately, the last 200m of this climb always have to be walked up; and is very steep. But you will get an amazing shot looking back at Vancouver from here.

The Beaver Damn

If you’ve walked to Bridal Veil Falls, you can head west towards Killarney Lake. 1/2 way there, there is a bridge and a small beaver Damn. Walking across this flooded landscape with gnawed on tree trunks gives a surreal nature feel.

The Waterfalls at Bridal Veil Falls

Find the fish ladder and walk down the steps. The best time to visit is when the water is roaring in Spring. Not as impressive mid-summer until October.

Did you know?

All of these shots on Bowen Island can be hit on an electric bike in about 3 hours, driving in 2 hours, scooter in 2.5 hours, and 2 hours by Low Speed Vehicle (or golf cart?)

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