Bowen Island

How to Leave Bowen Island by Car

The Bowen Island Ferry leaves Horseshoe Bay and heads to Snug Cove. Here’s some quick advice on making your ferry.

Missing Ferries (Ferry From Snug Cove to Horseshoe Bay)

Every Saturday there is NO 7:25pm sailing back from Snug Cove to Horseshoe bay. So if you’re on island for dinner on Saturdays, there is a 6:15pm sailing followed by a 9:30pm sailing. Expect to stay a little later, or leave a little sooner on Saturday leaving Bowen Island and returning to Horseshoe Bay on the ferry.

On Wednesdays the 4:00pm sailing from Bowen Island to Horseshoe Bay is cancelled. This is the dangerous cargo run. The propane trucks come over Wednesday morning from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island, and they leave Wednesday evening. Public is not allowed on these sailings. The adjacent sailings are 2:55pm and 5:10pm from Snug Cove to HSB.

Useful tips on Ferry Sailings

The last BC Ferry to leave is normally at 10:30pm from Snug Cove to Horseshoe Bay.

Go to for the latest sailings today.

Download the Bowen Island App This handy app shows you the position of the ferry, and has the latest sailings. (Not sponsored, we just really like the simplicity of it).

The cutoff for the ferry is 5 minutes on the Bowen Island side. Or if they are full, they will just go. Be there at least 7 min early for your intended sailing.

Lining up for the ferry

Do not stop on the yellow cross hatches & fill the gaps in the line. This isn’t budding or cutting in line, it’s a bylaw. If the ferry is already loading, go to the back of the line if you’re just driving up.

Missing the ferry (Overload)

Normally the ferry workers will stop you at the black gate if they are finished loading. If you are unlucky enough to be here in your vehicle when they close the gate, I have to tell you, you can’t stay here. You must leave or return to the ferry lineup.

Do not park in the motorcycle parking at the front of the line (unless you’re a motorcycle).

Do not stop in front of the stoplight waiting for the next ferry. Make sure you can see the green and red light. If you can not see these lights, people will normally honk at you to get going when the lights turn green.

If you are in front of our shop in a vehicle, you are in the motor cycle waiting area. Please backup or find a spot in line.

When loading, sometimes traffic swings into the left lane. If you are here, you can not park and leave your vehicle here if you miss the ferry. When the ferry pulls away, you must move your car back into line somewhere. Don’t worry there is always room on the next sailing if you’re here this early.

Do not block motor cycle parking

At the front of the line in Snug Cove, there is motor cycle parking. Do not park on top of this area with your vehicle. Motorcycles load first on all BC ferries. If you are riding a motorcycle, please come to the front of the line.

Cyclists walk on with all other pedestrian traffic.