Rental LSV FAQ’s

Will my car insurance cover damage to the LSV?

The answer depends on the province you live in and the type of policy you have. With your policy, you may be responsible for a deductible. Additionally, your premiums may increase. Your policy could even be canceled following damage or theft to your rental car.

Many customers aren’t aware that their credit card or car insurance may not cover loss or damage to the LSV. Please be sure to always check your own insurance policies before visiting Bowen eBikes.

Are you responsible for damage to the vehicle?

Yes. Full stop. You can purchase daily rental insurance from Westland Insurance on Bowen island

Where can I buy daily insurance?

Visit ICBC for Roadstar or RoadSide Plus It is also often included with most BC road drivers insurance anyways.

Do you require proof of insurance?

Yes. You may also already be covered.

Check your BC vehicle registration. Please snap a photo with the date of expiry to bring with you.

What counts as proof of coverage?

Take a clear picture on your phone or tablet of your current coverage. Please have Date, Your Name, & coverage end date included in the photo.