COVID-19 Safety Plan

Bowen eBikes is committed to reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses between its riders. Your entire eBike, with a few exceptions, and charger is sanitized prior to each rider receiving their eBike. Gears, chain, and brakes are not cleaned with sanitizer. Please do not touch these things anyways. Riders are the first and last people to touch the eBikes between rides and the sanitization process.

Riders are able to drop off eBikes on a large open driveway and text us that they have dropped off their eBike. Our staff can then come out and safely collect the eBike once the rider has left.

If you have arranged drop-off next to the ferry dock, please lock your eBike, and text our staff immediately to come and collect it. If you stick around for the post ride inspection, we ask riders to remain physically distanced (at least 2 meters) away from our staff.

At Bowen eBikes, we are always practicing safe physical distancing when interacting with our riders. Staff members are trained to always remain at least 2 meters away from riders during any brief in-person interaction that may occur.

We have limited the number of rental helmets we provide, and strongly encourage riders to provide their own helmets when renting our eBikes. The helmets that we do rent undergo an isolation period as well as a disinfectant wipe down. It is mandatory in BC that all eBike riders wear a helmet at all times. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we ask that all riders come equipped with their own helmet at the time of their rental.